Soundtrack Sunday

Soundtrack Sunday is a weekly segment that highlights a soundtrack from a movie, TV show, or a video game.  I think soundtrack music is some of the best music out there and it encapsulates all genres of music.  The rule for this is pretty simple; it must have been part of a movie, TV show, or a video game.  I am going to focus mainly on original scores, but I will occasionally dip into songs used in the aforementioned aspect.  In this post will also be a link that will take you to the song (more than likely from YouTube) for your listening pleasure. And the Soundtrack of the Week is…

The Imperial March.  Written for Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back in 1980 and composed by John Williams, this piece became very synonyms with Darth Vader as it was given a second title as “Vader’s Theme”.  The song was heard three weeks before the premiere of the movie as John Williams had done a concert in Boston and chose to feature the song.

The Imperial March easily became one of the most recognizable tunes, not just for the character of Vader, but for evil in general.  Not being alive in 1980, I do not know for sure the relationship to the song and the people when it was first heard, but when I first heard it as a child, it became a staple to my love of soundtrack movies.  I could recognize it at sporting events or when it was played during commercials, as well as being able to pick out parts of the tune during the second Star Wars trilogy.  The Imperial March is also known as a leitmotif, which was a style of music that John Williams has excelled in creating through out his career.

I believe that The Imperial March is John Williams’ best individual work.  Williams is my favorite movie composer and he has done a plethora of grand work in his career, and still is doing so.  And while he has done other tunes that stick out very well and are recognizable at the drop of a hat, I still believe that The Imperial March takes the cake.  It is a dramatic song, one that you can visualize Darth Vader moving to, one that you connect with evil and yet is still love because of the connection that is made with Darth Vader due to the Star Wars films.  While all of that is not the byproduct of Williams’ work, he took in consideration everything he could of the character Darth Vader and made a theme song for him that has become one of the best movie soundtrack songs of all time.

If you wish to listen to this tune, and who would not want to, click here for the link.

If you wish to make a request for the Soundtrack of the Week, please observe the following notes:
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