Soundtrack Sunday

Soundtrack Sunday is a weekly segment that highlights a soundtrack from a movie, TV show, or a video game.  I think soundtrack music is some of the best music out there and it encapsulates all genres of music.  The rule for this is pretty simple; it must have been part of a movie, TV show, or a video game.  I am going to focus mainly on original scores, but I will occasionally dip into songs used in the aforementioned aspect.  In this post will also be a link that will take you to the song (more than likely from YouTube) for your listening pleasure. And the Soundtrack of the Week is…

From the PlayStation (1) classic game, the soundtrack to Spyro the Dragon.  In honor of its 18th birthday that was a little over a week ago, this soundtrack was composed by Stewart Copeland for the game that came out on September 10th, 1998.  While the Spyro the Dragon soundtrack is his best know movie/video game work, Copeland did a lot more than just compose this kind of music as he was part of the band known as The Police, as a drummer, and was inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in 2005.

Spyro the Dragon was a well received game for its play and for the music, which is has a progressive rock theme to it.  Spyro was one of my first video games and was the first PlayStation game I played and the rock-themed music was very catchy and pleasing to me.  It was a great addition to the game, being soft but memorable background music that did not interfere or distract from the game-play.  To me, that marks a very successful gaming soundtrack.  Something that, when you listen to it alone, is catchy and really enjoyable, but something that does not take away from the game itself.  Another great thing about the Spyro soundtrack is that it fits each level well, from artisan to exploring, winter-themed to dark to mysterious.  My favorite tracks are the ones that play in the levels “Wizard Peak” and “Town Square”.

The link to the soundtrack is here, starting with the “Title Screen” track, and having 47 total tracks.  Usually, a full soundtrack is not something that will be done on Soundtrack Sunday, as the point is to highlight one specific track, but because Spyro had its birthday recently, this was worth an exception.  Spyro the Dragon is a game I would be very glad to see get a HD-Remix, the way Sony and other companies have done with older games.  The soundtrack holds a lot of nostalgia for me as I remember the hours I spent as a child playing the Spyro games.  While it never won any awards and it is not one mentioned often, the Spryo the Dragon soundtrack is not only one of the reasons that the game was vastly successful, but it also helped to guide soundtracks to be true background music that is enjoyable but not distracting, yet able to hold attention and have value in listing to it alone.

If you wish to make a request for the Soundtrack of the Week, please observe the following notes:
All requests need to be made in the comment section of the most recent Soundtrack of the Week post.
The deadline for requests is Saturday at noon (ET).
I will be alternating between movie/TV and video game each week and I will not do the same universe within two weeks of itself.