As stated elsewhere on my blog Uruzar is my online pseudonym. It originates from the game Star Wars: The Old Republic and ever since I created it, it has become a useful pen-name, online name, gamer-tag, etc… because it is unique.

Anyway, this site will be where I post more of my personal thoughts and ideas, as well as Pokémon Friday and Soundtrack Sunday information.   It is something new that I’m trying because these are things that I truly enjoy.  I love listening to movie, TV, and video game soundtracks and I have been playing Pokémon ever since the winter of 1998.

I am a 2016 graduate from Waynesburg University, with a Communications major that focused in Sports Broadcasting and Sports Information.  I hope, one day, to work in a baseball or football front office, in part of a sports agency, or in a law-firm that represents players or organizations.  While doing so, I wish to keep true to the things that make me who I am, such as Pokémon, Kingdom Hearts, and other video games, comic books, TV shows, movies, anime, manga, and much more.  My favorite Pokémon is Scyther and my favorite starter is Totodile (the above picture was drawn for me by an immensely talented friend.)  You can follow me on Twitter: @CITB10 and if you’re interested, my sports blog can be found at: https://citb10.wordpress.com/