Pokémon Friday

Something I had done every Friday while a student at Waynesburg University was a radio show that I called Pokémon Friday.  It was not much different than a regular radio shift, just playing music and giving updates, etc… except that I always did a Pokémon of the Week segment.  Now I no longer have a radio show, but I wanted to bring life back to the Pokémon of the Week.  So, without further adieu, the Pokémon of the Week here on Uruzar’s blog is…

Number 636 in the PokéDex, Larvesta, the Torch Pokémon.  This bug and fire type combination hails from the Unova region, has the ability of Flame Body and the hidden ability of Swarm, and is part of the Bug egg group.  Larvesta does evolve into Volcarona, but have some patience as it will take until level 59 to do so.  If you postpone that evolution a little bit longer, Larvesta learns the Fire type attack Flame Wheel at level 60 and the powerful Bug type attack Bug Buzz at level 70.

Larvesta swiftly became a favorite of mine as it combines two of my four favorite Pokémon types.  Bug types are very useful in the games and battling, but more so when combined with another, powerful type.  Yes, Larvesta has a four-times weakness to Rock-type attacks, but he also holds six resistances and can learn a diverse move-set by both leveling up and through other move-learning techniques (such as TMs).  And with Larvesta having an average special attack base stat, his evolved form Volcarona has a very high base sepcial attack which works well with most high-powered Bug and Fire type attacks.  If given a chance to be a type-based gym leader, I would choose either Bug or Fire type and in both cases, Volcarona would be part of my battling team.  And while evolving and hatching a Larvesta in Black and White does take quite a bit of time, it is well worth the wait.

I welcome all requests for the next Pokémon of the Week.  If you have one, please post the name of the Pokémon in the comments.  Please be aware of the following rules:
I will not do the same region within three weeks of itself
I will not do a duplicate Pokémon until I have gone through all of them (That will take some time!)
I will no do a member of the same evolutionary chain as the Pokémon of the past week (Example: I will not do Magmar one week and Magby the next)
All requests have to be in by 10 pm ET on Thursday for the request to count for that upcoming Friday.
All requests must be posted on the most recent Pokémon of the Week post.  Anywhere else will be disregarded.

*Photo Credit: Bulbapedia


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