Pokémon of the Week

Something I had done every Friday while a student at Waynesburg University was a radio show that I called Pokémon Friday.  It was not much different than a regular radio shift, just playing music and giving updates, etc… except that I always did a Pokémon of the Week segment.  Now I no longer have a radio show, but I wanted to bring life back to the Pokémon of the Week.  So, without further adieu, the Pokémon of the Week here on Uruzar’s blog is…

Number 330 in the PokéDex, Flygon, the Mystic Pokémon.  This Ground and Dragon type Pokémon hails from the Hoenn region and has only one ability, Levitate.  Flygon is the final member of the Trapinch evolutionary chain, evolving from Vibrava starting at level 45.  Flygon is in the Bug egg group and can learn the powerful Dragon type attack, Dragon Rush, at level 47, but only in Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby.  In X and Y, the last move Flygon can learn is Dragon Claw at level 55, but you can skip that wait just by using TM 02.  Flygon was requested by my good friend Matt, even though he cannot pay attention to the rules and did not make the request in the comment section on last week’s Pokémon of the Week post…

Flygon is not a Pokémon that I use often, but is one I am very familiar with.  Flygon does continue the early trend of Dragon type Pokémon having a four-times weakness to ice type attacks and is used by many for a Ruby and Sapphire or OR/AS run-through.  Competitive wise, Flygon is not one that is seen often, but does have a good statistical balance: 100 on base attack and speed, with a base of 80 on all the other stats.  I tried using Flygon once in a competitive league I am part of, known as the Pokémon Battle Federation (PBF), which is run similar to that of a Fantasy Football League; snake draft to choose the Pokémon and then a different opponent each week to battle.  Flygon was a late round pick for me, someone I was trying to see if I could spin a surprise or two out of, but he was not quite the “ace-in-the-hole” I had hoped that he would be.  Of course, I am honestly not the best at competitive battling so I often find myself in the bottom of the PBF standings each season… But more on that some other time.  Flygon, tip of the hat to you for being the Pokémon of the Week.  Maybe if you get a much clamored for mega-evolution in Sun and Moon, there might be a little more to talk about for you.

I welcome all requests for the next Pokémon of the Week.  If you have one, please post the name of the Pokémon in the comments.  Please be aware of the following rules:
I will not do the same region within three weeks of itself
I will not do a duplicate Pokémon until I have gone through all of them (That will take some time!)
I will no do a member of the same evolutionary chain as the Pokémon of the past week (Example: I will not do Magmar one week and Magby the next)
All requests have to be in by 10 pm ET on Thursday for the request to count for that upcoming Friday.
All requests must be posted on the most recent Pokémon of the Week post.  Anywhere else will be disregarded.


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