Pokémon of the Week

Something I had done every Friday while a student at Waynesburg University was a radio show that I called Pokémon Friday.  It was not much different than a regular radio shift, just playing music and giving updates, etc… except that I always did a Pokémon of the Week segment.  Now that I have graduated, I do not have a radio show, but I wanted to bring life back to the Pokémon of the Week.  So, without further adieu, the very first Pokémon of the Week here on Uruzar’s blog is…

#001 in the PokéDex, Bulbasaur the Seed Pokémon!  This Grass and Poison type hails from the Kanto region and has the ability of Overgrow with a Hidden Ability of Chlorophyll.  This starter Pokémon in Red, Blue, Green, FireRed, and LeafGreen is primarily male, belongs to the Monster and Grass egg groups, and is part of a three-step evolutionary chain.  Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur starting at level 16 and then Ivysaur evolves into Venusar starting at level 32.  Bulbasaur, if prevented from evolving, can learn the physical Grass type attack, Seed Bomb, at level 37.

Bulbasaur was my first ever Pokémon, so I thought it would be fitting to have him as the first Pokémon of the Week for my new blog.  When I was six years old and first started up Pokémon Blue version, I chose Bulbasaur to be my first Pokémon and created a special bond that has lasted through the last 18 years.  Bulbasaur may not be my favorite starter Pokémon, is not the Pokémon I would build my ideal “original 151 Pokémon, to legendary Pokémon and no duplicates” team around, but he still holds a very key place in my heart as I used him to power through the Kanto region for the very first time.  Given the chance in any game that gives the three Kanto starters as a choice, I always go with Bulbasaur.  I did so when I first played LeafGreen and FireRed, picked Bulbasaur in X&Y when given an opportunity to choose and Venusaur was my first ever Mega-Evolution, and even took Bulbasaur as my first capture in Pokémon Go.  He may not be the most popular and he may be overshadowed by some of the other Grass type starters, but he will still be number one to me.

I welcome all requests for the next Pokémon of the Week.  If you have one, please post the name of the Pokémon in the comments.  Please be aware of the following rules:
I will not do the same region within three weeks of itself
I will not do a duplicate Pokémon until I have gone through all of them (That will take some time!)
I will no do a member of the same evolutionary chain as the Pokémon of the past week (Example: I will not do Magmar one week and Magby the next)
All requests have to be in by 10 pm ET on Thursday for the request to count for that upcoming Friday.
All requests must be posted on the most recent Pokémon of the Week post.  Anywhere else will be disregarded.


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